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Dear YPL lovers,

We are honored to be Australia’s NO.1 knitwear brand. New technologies, high standards of quality together with professional approach of our picky experts and attention to every single detail provide a real value of the YPL product.

YPL is a brand that was created with commitment to prove – trendy clothes can be healthy, comfortable and suitable for everyday casual look. Walking on the street, doing sports or having the event – each YPL item will make sure you feel confident and free.

Our experts are picky at selecting top-quality fabrics which have been specially developed for Your Perfect Lifestyle – tight fitting, moisture wicking and seamless concept ensure free&comfortable movements. Each stitch and zip is made by our team with precise accuracy. Love and care to every detail result unbelievably – every item of YPL is a masterpiece. An unusual look, thorough pattern design and the love put in every garment – this is the philosophy we would like to share with our beautiful, ambitious and active customers!

Our mission is to meet the diverse needs of every single customer by underpinning his or her natural beauty and uniqueness. That is why distributors enjoy working with us, celebrities support our brand and, the most important – millions of people in more than 20 countries all over the world choose YPL every day. Thank you for your mutual love to us.

YPL is Your Perfect Lifestyle. Let us convince you in this…

Yours, @ozypl