Fabulous Women's Draped Flared Pants

Fabulous Women's Draped Flared Pants

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Flared pants are back once again, and that's exactly what this decade's fashion flares are a way of doing. So are you ready for the comeback of flares?
While skinny bottoms were all the rage in the 2010s, flared bottoms, which were popular in the 2000s, are making a comeback in the fashion world.
While flares are not as popular now as wide leg and straight flares, if you follow fashion, you know they are following you.

The history of flared pants

The history of flared pants dates back to the early 19th century, when sailors wore flared pants because they were easy to fold up for tasks such as clearing the deck. This pattern later became part of the official uniform of the Royal Navy.
In the late 1960s, flared pants became a fashionable item as sophistication increased. Young people everywhere began shopping at thrift stores and thrift stores, rejecting the expensive stores their parents frequented. Soon, old-fashioned navy pants became the most popular style of dress pants.

Bell-bottoms and bell-bottoms fell out of favor inside the 1980s, but from the 1990s to the mid-2000s, they were back in vogue. Flares, bellbottoms and shoe racks were everywhere. They were the desired style of leggings for fashionistas everywhere until 2006, when leggings replaced them, seemingly in a single day.
Which brings us to today. Now that HALARA leggings are officially out, flares and bellbottoms are ready to take over. This is all the more proof that fashion has evolved!

Patitov Flared Leggings - YPL

What to Wear with YPL  Drape Flared Pants
Now that you've found the perfect pair of flared pants, here's all the attire style you need.

With a cut above
A crop top is the easiest and least expensive way to pair flared pants. You'll see this combo in this post because it's gotten crazy this year! Any crop top works with any denim wash - have fun, have fun.

Wear it with a blazer
YPL Flared pants and a blazer are a game designed in a sophisticated, heavenly style. You can't go wrong with a simple skinny jumpsuit and boots, or pair it with chic heels and a botanical top.

With a blouse
This is an example of YPL's straightforward burnt tights set. Just grab your favorite shirt, throw it on your mantle, and throw on a cute pair of heels. Finally, grab a clutch and get ready for brunch!

Wear it with a long coat
This fashionista is not here to play. However, I love the fiery look and personality of this pink jacket.

With a tank
Start with a clean pair of high-waisted lightweight swimsuits, then choose a simple black tank top, belt and pouch. Pair with black heels for the perfect summer evening outfit.

With a white shirt
This is a more dressy version of our final outfit. Instead of a black tank top and heels, wear a white shirt with buttons and strapless heels. Add personalized jewelry and you're ready to start your dinner date.

Wear it with a trench coat
Trench coats and flared pants are another classic "my life together" combination.

Want to make your outfit stand out? Add bright shoes! Here, the model used neon green heels, but you can add some cool Air Force 1s for a casual vibe.

Wear it with a leather jacket
I love the high fringe visible above, but you can also pair this look with a simple white t-shirt for an even more extraordinary casual look. Any shoe will work for this outfit, whether you want doc Martens or pointy toe sock boots.

Wear it with a sweatshirt
How cute is this casual sweatshirt and plunging neckline top combo? Not only does it look good, but it also looks cool.

Finding this outfit couldn't be easier. Grab your favorite flared pants, throw on a sweatshirt with a zipper, and grab your favorite mini bag to accessorize. Pin your hair in a claw clip, put on some chunky dad sneakers and all is well!

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