Cycling shorts: What is the best of 2023?

Cycling shorts: What is the best of 2023?

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For cyclists, shorts (also known as culottes) are essential clothing. It is the well-padded seat that allows us to sit comfortably in the saddle without losing our athletic posture. That's why today we're telling you all the things you should consider before making a purchase.

Most cyclists use shorts with straps because they allow the garment to fit very snugly and not cut into the abdomen. There are cycling shorts designed specifically for the position we wear while cycling that have an innovative design and offer excellent breathability and padding.

The most important
Although we may only associate cycling shorts with professional athletes, the truth is that we should all wear them when practicing this sport because, in addition to the issue of style, their use is necessary to protect the perianal area.

We recommend cycling shorts for both beginners and recreational cyclists as they will allow us to be comfortable and enjoy the cycling experience while riding. Wearing this clothing will allow us to ride our bikes for long periods of time without feeling bruised or uncomfortable.

To make the right choice for your cycling shorts or leggings, it is important to consider some basic criteria such as their material, visibility of the garment, support or accessories. The type of short we will buy depends on whether the acquisition is satisfactory or not.

Shopping guide: what you should know about cycling shorts
If you're looking to buy cycling shorts or workout at home on a stationary bike, we'll guide you through the process of choosing the best one for your needs.

Please follow the instructions in the following lines to ensure a successful purchase. First!

What are cycling shorts for?
Whether you're practicing cycling shorts with pockets on the road or in the mountains, it's a good idea to wear a well-fitting uniform. cycling shorts are the sport's signature piece of equipment, based on a special fiber called Lycra. For cyclists, pads are soft pads that are anatomically placed in the perianal area. It is designed to absorb shock impacts and reduce friction between the saddle and the isthmus of the testicles.

Its quality and the breathability of the fabric play a decisive role.

The pads must also provide adequate cushioning for the cyclist throughout the pedaling process to avoid injuries and strains. The pads must be able to properly wick away sweat, be hypoallergenic, and be easy to clean.

What should I wear under my cycling shorts and how do I choose my size?

Shorts contain gel in the padding and fabric and are designed to be in direct contact with the skin and our bodies. For this reason, we recommend that you strip down inside your shorts. The main function of cycling shorts is to absorb and drain sweat from the inner thighs, promoting perspiration and keeping the body dry and cool

On the other hand, it is recommended to choose a size larger than the one we usually wear. For example, if you wear a sweatshirt and shorts in size M, you will have to choose size L. However, most suppliers offer the possibility of free returns.

How to choose the right cycling shorts?
Anyone who enjoys cycling should experience the difference that using the right gear can make. For cyclists, shorts are ideal. In addition, you will feel very comfortable. You will notice the benefits of wearing them the next day. Here are some tips for choosing them correctly.

Cycling shorts should be long enough to cover the knees. While this length may seem uncomfortable in the summer, it is a muscle compression system. The size of the pad must be correct. It should cover the ilium and perineum. It should be neither too big nor too small.



Cycling shorts

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