What to wear for tennis?

What to wear for tennis?

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Tennis is an upscale sport with many rules and regulations. It is also known for appealing to "country club types" which often leads to unique fashion statements. Proper tennis attire can identify your game and help you blend in with the tennis community

What should I wear when playing tennis? Although tennis is known for its country club aesthetic, many of the clothes worn on the court are chosen for their ability to improve movement and protect the wearer. A good outfit includes:

Tennis shoes
Sun visor, sunglasses or hat
A cotton T-shirt
Matching shorts or tennis skirt
Cotton wristbands

If you want to take the sport seriously, you must know the details of proper tennis attire. This guide will take you step-by-step through the closet of a real tennis player.

Understanding the culture of tennis fashion
Tennis is one of the unique sports in the world, especially for its sporting culture. Traditionally, the game is played among the European elite. The sport is known for its culture that is heavily influenced by country club life.

The traditions associated with tennis mean that it is a sport that draws on the rules of country club culture - including the fashions that players are allowed to wear on the court. Most private and public clubs still strictly enforce tennis fashion regulations. There is also a special social element to following the rules. It's important to remember that playing tennis allows for a connection with the elite around you.

Is tennis clothing designed specifically for the game of tennis?

Yes and no. Tennis shorts and shoes are available. Items designed specifically for women's tennis players have also been designed with the sport in mind. But the cotton t-shirts, goggles and sunglasses you may see are not just for tennis. If you're worried about having to buy a new closet for your sport, don't let that put you off. If you have an excellent preppy wheatbug, most tennis gear can be repurposed for casual wear

The versatility of fashion is a by-product of the old wealthy lifestyle. The idea of maintaining the versatility of clothing while maintaining high quality is the main philosophy of most Country Club members.

How much do I need to spend on tennis clothing?
There is no mandatory minimum price tag for tennis apparel. After all, that would be a very "fancy" thing to do, and tennis is a sport that is more associated with old money. If you find a great outfit in the bargain bin, by all means buy it!

Buy Tennis Shoes
When buying tennis apparel, tennis shoes are the first item you should consider. Tennis shoes are lightweight, low-top athletic shoes designed for comfort while running.

No matter where you decide to play tennis, you must always wear tennis shoes and socks. This means that if you try to wear basketball shoes onto the court, you will most likely be turned away.

Tennis Shoe Etiquette
Part of buying the right shoes is knowing the etiquette of your local tennis club. At many clubs around the world, players are required to wear white soled shoes to protect the court surface. While this practice has been relaxed, it is best to proceed with caution.

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